Wearable Systems II

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227-0198-00L Wearable Systems II: Design and Implementation  G. Tröster


We meet every week, Friday 8:20 - 10:00 in ETZ H61.2


Kickoff meeting: Friday, February 24, 8:15-10:00, at ETZ H61.2


The course will be taught in English.

Topics and Concept

The course elaborates relevant aspects in the conception, implementation and commercialisation of mobile communication systems. Topics are: (PDF, 823 KB)

  • smart  textiles, textile sensors
  • 3d packaging technologies, ITRS roadmap
  • communication, sensor nets
  • energy in mobile systems
  • privacy, commercialisation

The course is organised as a seminar, where we jointly work out the aforementioned themes also considering the current national and international research environment

  • which topics are explored by which research institution with which objective targets?
  • how and where are the results published?
  • how are the research and development projects funded? 

The communication within the seminar is organised using a wiki platform.
This concept of the seminar has highly been appreciated by former participants: evaluation_2015 (PDF, 142 KB), evaluation_2014_in English (PDF, 86 KB),evaluation 2014 in German (PDF, 82 KB), the comments 2011-2013 (PDF, 152 KB), the evaluation 2010 (PDF, 40 KB) (in german only), the MAVT 2010 comparison (PDF, 111 KB), the evaluation 2011 (PDF, 69 KB) and the ITET 2011 comparison (PDF, 105 KB).


At the end of the course or during the summer vacation (June - September 2017, or later) an examination  can be taken by submitting a research plan totalling 10-15 pages  covering a self-chosen topic in the context of the course.


No special knowledge is expected, also not the participation of the 'Wearable Systems I' course.

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