Flexible Electronics and Smart Textiles

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Most of the objects in our daily life are not planar, but bendable and foldable like documents and textiles. The integration of electronic functionality into everyday objects can improve their benefit to the user, and also give rise to new applications, such as flexible displays and smart textiles. Therefore we are working on flexible electronic devices and on their integration into textiles and other objects.

Group members

Current members

  • Giuseppe Cantarella
  • Alwin Daus
  • Stefan Knobelspies
  • Andreas Mehmann
  • Dr. Niko Münzenrieder
  • Dr. Luisa Petti
  • Dr. Giovanni Salvatore
  • Matija Varga
  • Christian Vogt

Former members

  • Dr. Lars Büthe
  • Mathieu Chanson
  • Dr. Kunigunde Cherenack
  • Dr. Thomas Kinkeldei
  • Dr. Christoph Zysset
Flexible Electronics

Devices on Plastic

Device on plastic
  • Inorganic thin-film devices on plastic substrates
  • Influence of mechanical strain on device performance
  • Enhancement of device flexibility
  • New device structures and materials for improved electrical performance

More on flexible electronic devices


  • Flexible tilt sensors
  • Thin-film temperature sensors
  • Humidity and gas sensors based on organic sensing layers
  • Flexible UV sensors
  • Flexible MOX gas sensors

More on sensors

Flexible Circuits

Flexible Circuits
  • Integrated digital and analog circuits based on IGZO TFTs
  • Influence of bending on circuit performance
  • Mechanically flexible amplifiers

More on flexible circuits

Unusual Substrates

Unusual Substrates
  • Transfer of electronic membrane
  • Electronics on everyday objects

More on electronics on unusual substrates

Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles
  • Weaving of flexible thin-film electronics into textiles
  • Textile based sensor systems
  • Functional textiles for medical applications

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Research projects

Current projects

  • Nano-Tera 3D-SensTex
  • SimpleSkin
  • WearableMRI
  • ETH Grant: TMDCs on plastic
  • Schweizer Nationalfonds (SNF): Exploration of Negative Capacitance Devices and Technologies

Completed projects

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