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Long-Van Nguyen-Dinh

Zack Zhu

The ETHZ team is led by Dr Ulf Blanke and Prof Gerhard Tröster

Dr Hector Satizabal-Mejia

The heig-vd team is led by Prof Andres Perez-Uribe

This project is co-ordinated by Dr Daniel Roggen.

Smart Distributed daily living ActivitY-recognition Systems

Smart-DAYS is motivated by the need to recognize complex human activities from body-worn sensors for assistive technologies, such as providing “memory reminders” to persons with memory loss, or supporting independent living.

Such applications are characterized by an open-ended environment and the set of relevant activities may not be known at design-time. In Smart-days we set to address this by novel data processing techniques combining:

Smart-DAYS architecture

Smart-Days consists of wearable systems and a cloud back-end.


The wearable system comprises sensing and computing capabilities. It performs activity recognition for its user using activity models available from the cloud. It collects sporadic user activity annotations and uses self-learning to discover hierarchical sensor data structure corresponding to repeating hierarchical human activity patterns.

The cloud collects information relayed by the local devices and expands and restructures common shared activity models with incremental semi-supervised learning techniques. Additional web data are used to categorize user annotations,guide the hierarchical organization of the activity models, and aid in providing semantic meaning to repeating sensor data patterns.


ETHZ Wearable Computing Lab's team

The focus lies on the exploitation of crowd-sourcing to bootstrap activity recognition systems along two lines of work:

  • The use of activity data self-labeled by the user's themselves in their daily life. This is addressed on a foundational level by developing techniques to exploit inherently noisy annotations.
  • The use of social networks and web technologies to enhance the context inference capabilities of the system when deployed in the wild.

heig-vd iict's team

The focus lies on methods that to support the user's self-labeling of activities by making it more intuitive:


Smart-DAYS is funded by the Hasler Foundation within the "SmartWorld" funding programme.



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