Oct. 2011: Article in "Rudermagazin" (Swiss Rowing Federation)

Parmigiani Spirit Award

October 2014: The World Rowing Federation nominated Franz Gravenhorst for his research and social engagement as finalist for the Parmigiani Spirit Award.

Paper Award

April 2013: Best Student Paper Award to Franz Gravenhorst for his paper at IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications (IUCC-2013) in Melbourne, Australia.

Sport und Wissenschaft vereint

July 2012: Article in "20minuten" newspaper

Mit ETH-Technik zum Sieg

June 2012: Article in "ETH Globe" magazine

Bronze medal with ETH technology

Oct. 2011: Article in "Rudermagazin" (Swiss Rowing Federation)

Running project in TV

Mai 2011: ‘running project’ at SF EINSTEIN

Student projects

Available projects related to our sports research can be found here.

Students with own interesting ideas for sports for semester and masters in the field of wearable technologies feel free to contact any of the group members!

New website

Sep 2010: New website

Group Members


Can you imagine a marathon runner without his heart rate monitor or a hiker off track in the Alps without GPS? These are just two examples of wearable technology in sports applications. Sensor miniaturization and convenient packaging makes them wearable in demanding scenarios like during a ski jump or in the water.
Using accelerometers and gyroscopes athlete's movement can be monitored to provide feedback and thus help to improve technique. Focusing on technique is eased because sensors undertake certain tasks, e.g. counting the lanes in swim training.
During competition, an important indicator of mental-body activation is heart rate.

Rowing (Gravenhorst)

Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports. It exercises all the major muscle groups and improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. We use miniaturized motion sensors on the body and the boat for on-water measurements. In collaboration with pro rowers and trainers we investigate possibilities to improve rowing technique and speed.

[project page]


Running is one of the most popular and exhausting sports. This project aims at monitoring kinematic changes during long distance running. Motion of limbs and torso is captured using an inertial measurement unit.

[project page]

Ski jumping

This project aims at monitoring a ski jumper's motion and mental state before and during jumping. In collaboration with the Swiss Ski jumping team we analysed data of the 2010 Winter Olympic champion Simon Ammann during competitions, including his double Olympic victory.

[project page] [video 1] [video 2]


Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. However, it is rather difficult to learn. Snowboarders who have reached an average level of expertise often find it difficult to improve their style without taking lessons. Moreover, some common mistakes, such as a wrong weight distribution inside the boots, are not visible to instructors. The ETH WearLab therefore envisions an interactive assistance system integrated into the clothes and the snowboard, which is capable of supporting snowboarders on the piste and helps them improve their riding style.

[project page] [video]


Goal of this project is to show how a wide range of swim parameters can be monitored by a wearable swim assistant, which we call SwimMaster. Performance parameters of interest are for example the time per lane, the swimming velocity and the number of strokes per lane. On the other hand, swim style specific factors of interest are for example the body balance, the body rotation and the arm stroke trajectory. Finally online feedback modalities will be tested and evaluated.

[project page]

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