Wearable and Mobile Computing Platforms

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The development of wearable and mobile computing platforms within the Wearlab serves two main purposes: a continuation of the system miniaturisation and multi-chip packaging expertise here at the Institute for Electronics; and as a means to produce state of the art platforms for furthering research in wearable systems both within ETH and in other institutes.



The ETH Onbody Sensor (ETHOS) implements a wearable sensor platform that is optimized for long-term monitoring of human body segment orientation.



BodyANT is an ultra-low power, wireless 3-axes acceleration sensor using the ANT communication protocol. It can be easily used in combination with a growing number of wireless fitness, sports, and health devices which use the ANT protocol.

Context cells

Context Cells

The Context Cells are versatile nodes that capture motion and perform online activity recognition. They use ZigBee to form a network where nodes can learn from each other.

Swim recorder

Swim Recorder

The SwimRecorder has been developed within the SwimMaster project to record body motion (3D-acceleration) and water pressure during swimming.

Other projects:

  • QBIC
  • Fingermouse
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